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We’re all about making things easy and straightforward for your clients and for you. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing IT system and enables your firm to grow and improve your business.

Here is what Prima Legal can do for your business

Prima Legal
Effective lead capture

Clients are driven to your website by their desire to engage your services. Don’t turn them off with a booking system that’s confusing or difficult to use. Make the most of your marketing efforts and increase enquiries by capturing prospective clients at the height of their interest.

Prima Legal
Save time and energy

Stop wasting valuable hours on double-handling enquiries or client information. With easy access to information and features like automatic reminders, web conference capability and calendar management, you can reclaim the hours in your day for the important work of providing much-needed legal assistance.

Prima Legal
Access usable data

Our detailed analytics and reporting features allow you to collect meaningful data to help achieve business objectives. Discover barriers for prospective clients, establish what’s working well and pinpoint where your firm can save resources or improve relationships.

Prima Legal
Manage your business

Help your team track and control their billable hours. Secure greater control over staff availability, appointment schedules, workflow and meetings.

Prima Legal
Grow your client base

Don’t allow your business to be limited by geography. Access more Australians through our secure video conferencing and chat messaging technology.

Prima Legal has a stack of out of the box features to ensure the best possible booking experience for your customers

Unlimited potential

Our aim is to help grow your business, which is why we won’t put a limit on how many staff members, schedules, users or clients you can use on our booking platform. Enjoy the full benefits of our platform for an affordable fixed price.

Payment management

Set up accounts, manage discounts and credits and allow your clients to pay in a way that’s convenient for them. With Prima Legal, you can accept credit card payments or enable customers to select from a suite of payment platforms, including Stripe, PayPal and more.

Secure video and chat

Reach more people through video conferencing and chat technology. We use the latest video encryption and cloud-based security protocols, so you can be confident that your firm’s data is secure.

Customisation and integration

Keep the features you like, and improve the ones you don’t. Prima Legal seamlessly integrates with your existing website, email platform and IT systems and allows customisation to suit your firm.

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